The plan

Part 1: First date
Having a pretend date with me is the first step of my plan. That way, I can evaluate how you act on a date. We can work on building your dating skills afterwards. For more information, please click the tab Date me! 


Part 2: Creating Genuine Confidence And A Healthy Lifestyle
In the second part of my program, we will work on your self-esteem, your lifestyle and presentation. It will be further up to you to undertake the necessary steps to realize your potential and to bring out the best inside of yourself. The details of the practical plan depends on your personal situation. 


Part 3: Attracting The Right Women For You And Going On Dates
After the completion of part 1 and 2, you'll be ready to attract and date the right women! I will help you with finding dates, the preparation beforehand and the evaluation afterwards. 

Skype sessions

I think it's important to talk to people when you're struggling. Talking about your problems will give you clarity and at the same time will it create space inside of your mind. Think of it as a room you're tidying. If you don't clean up your mess, the room will continue to get filled by cluttering. At some point, you won't know how to get out anymore. You can get lost inside your own dark place inside of your head and you might lose your sanity if you don't relief yourself by talking about it. 


That is why I also offer my help to people at rock bottom that want to get back up. Whatever it is that's bothering you, I'm here to lend a helping hand!


The purpose of our conversations will be to find ways to improve your life hence why I will not only listen but also offer advice when I can. I won't judge and our conversations are ofcourse confidential. 


Send me a message via the contactform if you are interested!