Who is Mila? 

27 years of age, she grew up in Groningen and is currenty living in the centre of Leeuwarden.


She looks like a feminine woman at first glance but don't be fooled. You could call her a bit of a nerd with hobbies like reading (graphic) novels, playing videogames, watching sci fi films and DJing.


After reading countless books on dating/psychology and having had a few relationships with nerdy men, she now knows for certain what it is women want and what it means to be a manly man.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of men who would want to have a girlfriend but have no idea how to do so. Pick up artists focus on getting men to get laid by using their tricks, that way the woman in question has no idea who you really are. This is why Mila feels the need to help men finding love by being genuine.

She accomplishes this by turning the men into the best versions they can be of themselves and by making it clear what makes a man attractive for women so there will be multiple dates instead of just one!

My mission

I want to help (introverted) men that are looking for a longterm relationship. I want to guide them in becoming the best version of themselves so they engage in the world of dating with pure confidence and therefor attracting the women they want!