koffie date

Date me!

You walk over to her, greet her by kissing her on her cheek and before you know it, it has been done. A first impression has been made and while you think of something to say or do, she already made up her mind about you. It's hard to shake a first bad impression. Do you want to know how you come across on a date? Would you like to know how to make a good impression? Then take me for a (pretend) date! This will also be our first meeting to get the feel of a real date. 

You will receive: 


PERSONAL FEEDBACK OF A WOMAN: Your friends and family are biased and pick up artists are men using tricks they have up their sleeve. No one can give you more uncensored and personal feedback than an unknown woman can. I meant myself, ofcourse! 


TRAINING: You can perceive our date as your own personal training area where you are allowed to make mistakes and where you can practice for as long as you have to until you are ready for the deal real. 

The date

You, me and a cup of coffee. Prior to meeting you will receive instructions. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to personally work with me until you have found what you were looking for. 

Do you dare taking me on a date? 

Let me know what your obstacles are on dating, fill in the contact form and I will get back at you as soon as possible. 

Fill in the contactform with your contactdetails and for all of your questions.


See you soon!